Python Packaging (2024)

Kubernetes Certified Administrator (CKA) 2024

Python PR Checklist

Kinesis 360 Pro keyboard

Arch Linux

Async Python

Python Type Annotations

Python Standard Libraries

Testing in Python

Objects in Python

Python quick reference

Nerd Gems 💎

Digital Forensics

Python 3.11

Vue and TypeScript


Information Assurance


Kinetic workouts

8-bit CPU build

Rust cheat sheet (2022)

Neovim setup (2022 edition)

PowerShell cheat sheet

A tour of FreeBSD in 2022

My LaTeX, Pandoc and Makefile workflow for writing papers in 2022

Cyber Defence Operations


The Conscience of a Hacker (1986)

Debian install notes

Talks that changed The way I think about programming

NeoMutt setup (2022 edition)

Default programs based on MIME type with XDG

Migrating off Google Workspaces (Google Apps or G Suite)

DVD backups on GNU/Linux

My Glorious GMMK Pro 75% custom keyboard

Suckless programs

st emoji support with libXft BGRA glyph patch

dotnet worker kubernetes health probe


Red Hat Certified System Administrator 8 (RHCSA)

React environment variables in an nginx container

Linux cheatsheet

OpenShift NginX 13: permission denied /var/cache/nginx/client_temp

GNU Stream Editor (sed)

Kubernetes Secrets encoding gotcha

The Go Programming Lang

Exploiting Heap Allocators Technical Paper

Binary Similarity Analysis Technical Paper


Notes from the book Atomic Habits

Hiking pack system

Gentoo Linux



KVM virtualisation

Installing Arch Linux on the Pinebook Pro




Managing wifi on Arch

Technical Analysis of ImageTragick (CVE-2016-3714)

ROP (return oriented programming) chains

Stack Canaries

Smashing the Stack