Why Handy resources Talks Factoids Things that feel different Software management and ports Ports patching init system coreutils Scheduling Block devices My setup NFS xorg dwm st powerd++ ntp fonts Why Mostly curiosity. I’ve been a GNU/Linux and free software enthuiatist since the late 90’s and that’s not about to change. More concrete reasons: GNU/Linux won the war. However… The Berkeley Software Distributions are family of open UNIX-like operating systems with lineage back to AT&T UNIX They come as complete and cohesive systems, not a distribution of disparate pieces The BSD license is wonderfully permissive Bill Joy (the father of Sun, BSD, vi, RISC) Marshall Kirk McKusick ZFS, DTrace and Clang It feels so damn neat, tidy and robust It wont be my daily driver, however it’s nice to be aware of what {Free,Open,Net}BSD each bring to the table Handy resources FreeBSD Handbook FreeBSD Porters Handbook FreeBSD Wiki Freshports the place for ports and most recent commits bsd-hardware.