I’m a software engineer not a sysadmin. In fact I know I’m a bad one. The RHCSA is a rote, mechanical process. It did force me to discover discover several gaps in my GNU/Linux knowledge so overall happy about that. Essential Tools Documentation man /usr/share/doc RPM bundled documentation General Searching Techniques Shell history Globbing I/O Redirection and Pipes Essential File Management Linux file system layout Finding Files locate find Archiving and compression with tar Hard and Soft Links Working with text Regular expressions grep sed and awk Connecting a Linux host Consoles Terminals and TTYs Switch Users (su) sudo SSH Managing users and groups Creating users User properties User configuration files Creating and managing groups Managing password properties Managing Permissions Changing file ownership Managing basic permissions Understanding umask (user mask) Special permissions suid sgid Sticky bit Understanding ACLs Configuring Networking Network device naming Managing runtime network configuration with ip Storing network configuration persistently nmcli Routing and DNS Managing Processes Shell jobs ps Memory usage CPU load System activity with top Sending signals to processes Priority and niceness tuned profiles Managing Software RPM and yum rpm queries yum Groups Repositories Modules and Application Streams Red Hat Subscription Manager Systemd Scheduling Tasks cron at systemd Timers tmpfiles.