Please refer to Don Bright’s original rust-lang-cheat-sheet which I based much of this content off, as I work through The Book. Rust in a nutshell Documentation Toolchain Mutability basic Types and variables Operators Run time errors, Crashing, panic, except, unwrap, Option, Result Printing loop, while and for Concurrency, parallel processing Functions and closures Unit tests, integration tests Documentation If, conditionals, patterns, match, control flow Ownership, Borrowing, References, Lifetimes Arrays, Slices, Ranges Structs Enums Collections, Key-value pairs, Sets Macros Little programs Guess a number Cool references Rust in a nutshell Syntax similar to C Ownership of memory enforced at compile time Statically linked Functional-ish, generic-ish, not so objecty Control flow using patterns, match keyword Packages: ‘cargo’ command, https://crates.