After years of not taking Python seriously, have decided its too good to ignore any longer. This was originally forked from the awesome 101t/ RTFM The Python Standard Library Built-in Functions Contents Collections: List, Dictionary, Set, Tuple, Range, Enumerate, Iterator, Generator Types: Type, String, Regular_Exp, Format, Numbers, Combinatorics, Datetime Syntax: Args, Inline, Closure, Decorator, Class, Duck_Type, Enum, Exception System: Exit, Print, Input, Command_Line_Arguments, Open, Path, OS_Commands Data: JSON, Pickle, CSV, SQLite, Bytes, Struct, Array, Memory_View, Deque Advanced: Threading, Operator, Introspection, Metaprograming, Eval, Coroutines Libraries: Progress_Bar, Plot, Table, Curses, Logging, Scraping, Web, Profile, NumPy, Image, Audio, Pygame.